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The Philosophy of Trade Show Consulting is always to preserve and protect the health of the particular
consumer or trade show, while seeking to expand the market appeal to the largest and most qualified audience. Our extensive knowledge and experience in producing and marketing consumer and trade shows has allowed us to utilize various methods to accomplish these goals. We approach the show always keeping in mind that we seek to service two separate client groups: the attendee and the exhibitor. With the experience of over 22 years of producing consumer and trade shows in the United States and Mexico, we are now positioning our company to be a leader in the Exhibition and Meetings Industry. Trade Show Consulting specializes in launching new events in both the U.S.
and Latin America. We research trends, markets and attendee interests to identify potential shows to bring buyer and seller together in a neutral forum. In addition, we work with associations to expand their base into Latin America and Mexico with new membership and nondues related revenue through
conferences and tradeshows.

“I want to say congratulations for the Mexico City Show. I was impressed to see how big it has grown and by the amount of qualified attendees.”
-Lorena Garza - Dalus




- Launch Trade Shows
- Create conferences
- Launch Hosted Buyer programs
- Market research for select industries
- Work with associations to create international presence
- Work with International Chambers of Commerce to provide local market research
- Co-locate related tradeshows to expand revenue and attendee base